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Downtown Revitalization

Project Type: Incentive Update

Start Date: 4/14/16
Completion Date: 7/1/16

2016 Revitalization Act Amendment: Do you own, or are you considering investing in a downtown Taneytown property? In 2011 the Mayor and Council passed a revitalization ordinance that established a revitalization district, and provides benefits including reimbursement for a percentage of project costs that improve properties within in the district. The boundaries of the district can be viewed at . The original ordinance used a tiered incentive payment which was spread over a five year period, and included a municipal tax freeze, plus, for downtown businesses, an incentive for job creation. Earlier this year, the Mayor and City Council amended the Revitalization Act, extending benefits of the program to 2020, and providing for incentive payments of 10% of qualified project costs rather than the original tiered system. The amendment also provided for a lump sum incentive payment rather than payments spread out over five years. The job creation and tax freeze incentives remain unchanged from the original ordinance. If you are considering renovations to improve the condition of a downtown commercial building, or are considering façade improvements to a downtown residential building, please contact the Planning and Zoning or Economic Development office at (410) 751-1100 to discuss eligibility and opportunity for this program.